Demonstration of a micro-hydraulic prototype (35 kW)
in the Porma Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) in Leon (Spain), based on the innovative integration of
a Pump as Turbine (PaT) coupled to a battery storage

Intelligent management

Development of an intelligent management system coupled to a monitoring platform to control the energy generation and further use


Replicate LIFE NEXUS approach to 30 follower facilities in Europe

Clean energy

Contribution to the targets established by the EC to become a global leader in the transition to clean energy in the Directive 2009/28/EC or
the “Clean Energy for All Europeans”

1st European inventory

Quantification of the energy recovery potential along urban water cycle to achieve the first European inventory of the Small Hydropower potential

Climate Change

Providing practical knowledge and tools to end users, water managers and policy makers
to enable them to reduce
the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
from urban activities