The fifth Coordination Meeting of LIFE NEXUS was held on 12th May, 2022. The meeting was telematics and was attended by the entire consortium together with the external monitor, Ms. María Rodríguez López, from EEIG NEEMO-IDOM.

The main advances carried out during the previous year were presented. On the one hand, the European inventory of potential mini-hydro energy recovery locations has continued to grow and currently houses data from 104 facilities (potential location and existing installations) from 10 European countries.

In addition, the work carried out in the pilot plant located in the Porma Drinking Water Treatment Plant located in Leon (Spain) was presented and the boilermaking material have already been manufactured and delivered (collectors, straight sections, junctions, reducers, etc.). On the other hand, the environmental study has just been published, so it is expected that the work license will be obtained in the coming weeks.

Finally, the 36 ongoing replication studies on potential and existing energy recovery locations in Spain, Lithuania and Poland were described.

Fifth coordination meeting