The event was held in Polanczyk in the south eastern part of Poland, in direct neighbourhood of the Solina Dam at San river (the highest dam in Poland). The event is the 9th annual conference in sequence, organised jointly by the Polish Hydropower Association (TEW), IMP PAN and the Polish Association for Small Hydropower Development (TRMEW).

This year ca 90 participants took part in the event scheduled for 2 days. 6 oral presentation sessions and a panel discussion on the hydropower sector position in the national strategic documents were envisaged. The LIFE NEXUS roll-up was presented at the conference for the first time and the project brochures were given for all the conference participants from the conference reception desk.

LIFE NEXUS was presented at session II “Small hydropower and energy recovery in industrial and municipal hydraulic installations”. Two LIFE NEXUS related contributions have been included in this session:

  • Steller J., Tomalik J.: “Energy recovery in industrial and municipal hydraulic installations” (in Polish). This oral presentation addressed some technologies used for energy recovery in municipal and industrial water circuits.

  • Radzevičius A., Punys P., López Fernández R.M., Serna González V.I., Steller J., Jagielska J.  “Web-based Atlas of Micro-hydro Inventory in Urban Water Networks”. The results on development of GIS based hydraulic energy recovery atlas were presented

Images of the Hydroforum 2019